New Fashion BT3.0/4.0 Smart Watch F1 Sports Watch GPS Tracker SIM Card Watch Phone With Camera Compass Heart Rate Monitor

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Quick Details

Brand Name:
Model Number:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Display Type:
Screen Resolution:
< 2″
Display Color:
Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, MP3 Playback, Touch Screen
Operation System:
connect with Android
< 3MP
Network Bt:
BT 3.0
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
BT connection standby:
>1 Week
Normal use:
> 2 days
350mAh Polymer battery
Clock display:
3 ways
Sleep monitoring:
Black, Gold, White





5 reviews for New Fashion BT3.0/4.0 Smart Watch F1 Sports Watch GPS Tracker SIM Card Watch Phone With Camera Compass Heart Rate Monitor

  1. limobull

    I bought one fo my husband and one for myself. The Blood Pressure does not seem to work correctly. I get my blood pressure and then put on his and the blood pressure is completely different. I would like to know if there is a way to get it adjusted. Otherwise we are satisfied with the product.

  2. Perfeito

    Buy what you promise, it’s perfect for me, at the cost / benefit
    -For me it’s perfect, and the best in the ad does not mention that it has a blood pressure gauge and it has! besides the heart rate meter, this was fantastic for me! -He’s very handsome and has a great cost / benefit for me. -I recommend this product, I loved it. It has all the functions described in the advertisement and delivers what was promised and to my surprise and joy still has a function that I love to accompany even if it is not ideal, is very close and a good reference, which is the assessment of blood pressure as I said at the beginning -I loved the product and I recommend it without any doubt. It is perfect for me, because it delivers everything that is announced, has all the features highlighted and easy to use features. I loved it !!!
    “You have only three options of face watt. (could have a few more options for clock screens). More for the cost, he delivers everything in the advertisement and leaves no misunderstanding. – Another against is not the product, but a problem of our country, the delay in delivery because of customs and mail.

  3. JiggyMaster

    I had a bit of a issue pairing the device only because I downloaded the wrong app.
    However when I figured it out the watch worked great!
    There are two Wear fit apps.
    Download the blue one and it is extremely easy to pair.

  4. HighTech

    The fitness tracker watch works great. The only issue that I have with the watch is that you cannot take it out of military time.

  5. S. Phillips

    First of all, i am a Pebble person and if they were still in business I would never be looking for another watch. Pebble got it right, and no one else has yet. That being said, this is my favorite replacement thus far and I have tried just about all of them except the Apple watch. This one can actually vibrate and be felt. It is not as good as the Pebble, but better than anything else, especially with the Feel The Wear app. The accelerometer is not great, but at this price point it is fine. Battery is about one day with a bit left over. No payments but for the price! This far, this is the only watch i have tried that i feel can actually replace my pebble.

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